by Matteo Scandolin

I CD con la grafica, coi video, con tante cose belle che io – che ho acquistato il primo cd nel 1999 ed era un vecchio disco di Guccini – non ho mai vissuto.

When it first hit the market in 1982, the compact disc famously promised “perfect sound that lasts forever.” But innovation has a way of marching continually on, and naturally the innovators soon started wondering: what if perfect sound isn’t enough? What if consumers want something to go with it, something to look at? And so, when compact disc co-developers Sony and Philips updated its standards, they included documentation on the use of the format’s channels not occupied by audio data. So was born the CD+G, which boasted “not only the CD’s full, digital sound, but also video information — graphics — viewable on any television set or video monitor.” [link]

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