Smantellato un giro di supporto fraudolento per Windows

by Matteo Scandolin

Più di 50 persone arrestate a Delhi, accusate di partecipare a un giro di supporto telefonico fraudolento, che ha fruttato intorno al miliardo e mezzo di dollari millantando problemi ai PC delle vittime, ignare.

Typically, said Microsoft, attempts to trick people revolved around pop-up warnings that falsely claimed that a person’s computer was infected with a virus.

Fixing the non-existent virus could involve ringing a tech support centre. An operator would talk a victim through a fake fix and then charge them for the work. [link]

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Un bel ricordo di Paul Allen, cofondatore di Microsoft

by Matteo Scandolin

A firma, ovviamente, di Bill Gates. Molto delicato e affettuoso.

In fact, Microsoft would never have happened without Paul. In December 1974, he and I were both living in the Boston area—he was working, and I was going to college. One day he came and got me, insisting that I rush over to a nearby newsstand with him. When we arrived, he showed me the cover of the January issue of Popular Electronics. It featured a new computer called the Altair 8800, which ran on a powerful new chip. Paul looked at me and said: “This is happening without us!” That moment marked the end of my college career and the beginning of our new company, Microsoft. It happened because of Paul. [link]

Anche se sto dall’altra parte della barricata, quella col logo della mela, da quindici anni, non posso sminuire l’importanza di Microsoft, e dei personaggi che l’hanno fondata, nei confronti della storia dell’informatica (e quindi, la storia del mondo). E basta dare un’occhiata a questa cronologia degli eventi della vita di Paul Allen per capire che razza di folle fosse.

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Microsoft wins major victory in legal fight over data center access

After years of arguments, Microsoft has won a major victory in its legal fight over US access to information stored in a company data center in Ireland. In a decision filed today by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, judges ruled that US investigators can’t use the Stored Communications Act to compel access to the data, as it is physically located outside of US borders. As a result, the court found that Microsoft has “no remaining lawful obligation to produce materials to the government.”

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Microsoft’s Upgrade Deceptions Are Undermining Windows 10

Paul Thurrott:

Last week, Microsoft silently changed Get Windows 10 yet again. And this time, it has gone beyond the social engineering scheme that has been fooling people into inadvertently upgrading to Windows 10 for months. This time, it actually changed the behavior of the window that appears so that if you click the “Close” window box, you are actually agreeing to the upgrade. Without you knowing what just happened.

But we won’t use the word “upgradegate”, Paul!

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Cortana now scans your emails to make sure you’re keeping promises

“Cortana will look for emails where you’ve said you’re going to do something,” explains Microsoft’s Marcus Ash in an interview with The Verge. If you send an email to a friend or colleague with content like “I’ll get back to you by next week” or “I’ll have this finished by 5PM today,” then Cortana will create a card to help you set a reminder.

This can evolve either way: very good, or very bad. Either way, it’s very interesting.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about making the company matter again

We like Satya Nadella style very much, and we hope that the changes he wants to make in Microsoft’s corporate culture will last.

Microsoft was once the company that you used, if you used a computer at all. But it has lost that vitality, and as the industry transitioned to mobile the company has often seemed adrift. In 2012, Vanity Fair made a convincing case that Microsoft had suffered a “lost decade.”(By the next year, its longtime CEO, Steve Ballmer, was out.) The story described a company culture characterized by arrogance, infighting, and bureaucracy. It had gone from being the essential desktop software company to one that struggled for relevance in your pocket or backpack. That’s what Nadella is up against.

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