Quella volta che John Turturro presentò internet al pubblico

Un video meraviglioso. Che anni, gli anni ’90, quando questa cosa di internet era davvero nuovissima.

Though at times it feels like the 1950s, the year was 1999, perhaps the last moment before America’s complete internet saturation — before social media, before streaming video, before blogs, before almost everything popular online today. “The video for Internet ‘newbies’ starring John Turturro was made available for free rental on the community service shelf of over 4,000 Blockbuster Video stores, West Coast Video stores, public school libraries and classrooms across the United States,” says a contemporary article at Newenglandfilm.com. “The production was funded by Lycos who has instituted a campaign to better educate the public about the World Wide Web.” [link]

Il museo dei suoni del passato

C’è un museo (online) che ha lo scopo di preservare i suoni della tecnologia del passato. Non solo il passato vero e proprio, ma anche quello recente: per esempio, il rumore del disco del primo iPod.

As analog recedes, it can seem that noisy tech in general becomes more and more dated. It is hard to hear the rubbing of thumbs and fingers across screens and touchpads. Voice commands make buttons and switches redundant. How much tech from now will one day feature in Conserve the Sound, the “online museum for vanishing and endangered sounds”? [link]