Computer latency: 1977-2017

I’ve had this nagging feeling that the computers I use today feel slower than the computers I used as a kid. As a rule, I don’t trust this kind of feeling because human perception has been shown to be unreliable in empirical studies, so I carried around a high-speed camera and measured the response latency of devices I’ve run into in the past few months.

Interessantissimo articolo, con tanto di teorie che spiegano i motivi pratici di questi ritardi percepiti (e reali).

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Google Docs Glitch That Locked Out Users Underscores Privacy Concerns

Google Docs è una di quelle cose che usi senza renderti conto delle implicazioni: a fine ottobre un problema relativamente diffuso ha messo in evidenza queste implicazioni.

Google Docs threw some users for a loop on Tuesday when the service suddenly locked them out of their documents for violating Google’s terms of service. The weird part? The documents were innocuous. The alerts were caused by a glitch, but they served as a stark reminder that not much is truly private in the cloud.

“This shows that Google is using advanced machine learning and other A.I. technologies to examine vast amounts of information in near real time,” Dana Gardner, a leading cloud expert and a principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, said on Tuesday.

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Opioids Haven’t Solved Chronic Pain. Maybe Virtual Reality Can

Interessante, giusto per usare un eufemismo.

Cedars-Sinai is one of an increasing number of hospitals testing how virtual reality could improve patient outcomes. Spiegel is one of the clinical researchers leading that charge. He’s focusing his efforts on something much more universal than the occasional psychosomatic suffocation: pain. Over the past few years he’s conducted clinical trials that show a pair of 3-D goggles can reduce the experience of pain—all kinds, from joint injuries to cancer—by a quarter.

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Twitter s’è svegliato (pare)

Era ora: sebbene questo non cambi praticamente nulla rispetto all’inazione di questi ultimi anni (e mesi soprattutto), è pur sempre qualcosa che andava fatto e che è meglio aver iniziato a fare tardivamente, piuttosto che non fare o fare male (ciao Facebook, si vede che ce l’ho con te?).

Today, we will start enforcing updates to the Twitter Rules announced last month to reduce hateful and abusive content on Twitter. Through our policy development process, we’ve taken a collaborative approach to develop and implement these changes, including working in close coordination with experts on our Trust and Safety Council.

Tutto dipende, ovviamente, da quanto dura questo giro di vite e quanto effetto avrà.

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Making Machines Speak (1985)

by Carmine Bussone

The Royal Institution è un’importante organizzazione di educazione scientifica del Regno Unito.

I suoi video sono sicuramente fra le cose belle di YouTube.

Fra questi, segnaliamo una conferenza del 1985 sulle tecnologie di sintesi vocale, con antenati di Siri quali con un tubo di gomma e uno stantuffo.

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