The Road Ahead

Welcome to No Rocket Science. It is a spinoff of inutile: an Italian independent magazine of contemporary fiction. We published short stories, mostly, but we are true geeks, passionate about books, about music, about the process to achieve books, and music, and movies, and about the tech used to make those things: so we used to talk about all of this, about literature, and culture, and liberal arts. We did it trying to speak to everybody. Last year, we realized that our purpose – talking about culture, and making culture – would be better served if we split our two penchants and let them fulfill separately. So we doubled-down on contemporary fiction, with inutile, and on our geeky side, with a new magazine: No Rocket Science.

Here, we will focus on the intersection between culture and technology: we are interested in the process of making art with technological means, and we’d like to explore how technology and innovation can impact our culture, our society. We will try to achieve this speaking to everybody. We will show you the many different implementations of high-tech in delivering some of the finest pieces of mass culture you can find. You may have heard that SnapChat is only for kids, but The Wall Street Journal is now using SnapChat’s Discover channel to post its content. They might say that the “deep web” is the place to go to buy drugs or guns, but ProPublica recently became the first news site down there (and with good reasons to be there, too).

We know many people who think about a book as something special, something poetic: but if they can actually read it, it’s because there’s a software that can print it. The latest and greatest indie movie that you saw last week has been edited in Avid or Final Cut. Products that can move or exalt you have been processed by some cold piece of software. Isn’t it great? And weird? And funny, given how most people underestimate this?

That’s No Rocket Science: because it is not so complicated to understand that everything’s software, nowadays. And everything is connected, and we are connected with everything else. It’s scary, and the thought could crush us: but it can also be unbelievably empowering. And we want to be empowered.