iA Writer 5: From raw to cooked sushi

iA Writer è una delle app di scrittura migliori che ci siano, per Mac, iOS, Android. In questo lungo e profondo post i suoi sviluppatori riflettono sulla storia dell’app e quanto sia cambiato il paesaggio informatico da quando hanno iniziato, pochi anni fa.

We are five people serving five hundred thousand writers. We didn’t raise money. We didn’t buy fast cars. iA Writer always paid its own bills and it felt and feels great to work on it and in it. iA Writer is not supposed to take over the world. We’d like to give the experience of disappearing in the text to as many people as possible. We’d like you to forget everything around you when you work with it. We give our best to make our tools as simple, as calm and as affordable as we can.

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Running a business with boobs: the things I never say

Gold piece by Jesse Genet of Lumi. I particularly enjoy the add note:

Added Note: For anyone concerned about penis-shaming please note that I think penises are great (I favor those attached to people I already like). For anyone concerned that this neglects trans individuals, please note how I used language around the baby portion up top to allude to the fact that a baby might choose to be whatever gender it identifies with.
I respect penises and trans folk. I also respect my own sense of humor enough not to make rash edits to this article, which I hope you can respect.

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