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No Rocket Science is published by Matteo Scandolin and Claudio Serena. They both are accomplished podcasters and love what they do. They founded Querty, an Italian podcast network that in September 2015 broke the world record as the longest streaming audio program in history.

Matteo Scandolin

Born in Venice, Italy, in 1982, he lives in Milan. He used to write stories, then discovered that he prefers helping others to write. But he still updates his personal blog, Grandi speranze. He founded inutile in 2005. 

Claudio Serena

In his 30s hasn’t stopped playing, both on the radio and at home, with dice and joypad. Talks about videogames, tells fantasy stories and spends the rest of his time on Tumblr or Reddit. He’s been living in Milan for 10 years and wouldn’t go back for anything.