Erasing Women in Tech: How ‘60 Minutes’ Ignored Women’s Voices, Stories, and Expertise

Reshma Saujani, CEO di “Girls who code“, critica piuttosto duramente la scelta di escludere dall’ultima puntata della trasmissione “60 minutes” il ruolo delle donne nelle STEM e delle organizzazioni precedentemente coinvolte nella realizzazione della puntata, a favore di Hadi Partovi, uomo al vertice di

By omitting the expertise and experience of woman-led organizations’ pioneering efforts to bring more girls into computing, 60 Minutes is contributing to a long and ugly history of media erasing women in tech.

Anche Ayah Bdeir, fondatrice di LittleBits, parla del suo coinvolgimento – poi tagliato via – dalla trasmissione: An Insider’s Look at Why Women End Up on the Cutting Room Floor

[…]we know there are systemic and frequent roadblocks ahead of girls in their journey from a social, psychological, and environmental perspective and they need support and mentorship throughout their lives to withstand the stereotypes and discrimination they are subjected to. Reaching girls at scale to try coding is great but it is the tip of the iceberg. When you don’t invite the richness of an experience to the table, you miss the nuance, and you risk becoming “hand wavy” about an important subject.

Stefania S.