Lo diciamo da mo’, l’abbiamo ripetuto giusto pochi giorni fa: le minacce ricevute via internet non sono vuote, non sono senza seguito, non sono solo sfoghi da tastiera. Questo pezzo di Jessica Valenti ne parla (purtroppo) a fondo:

When Koeberle Bull received a hateful Facebook message last week from a man who lived more than 500 miles away, she called the police. Dylan Jarrell in Kentucky, who had sent the New Jersey mom of three a violent and racist Facebook message directed at her children, was pulling out of his driveway with hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a plan to commit a school shooting when the local cops stopped him.
Because Bull took Jarrell’s violent racism and online harassment seriously — unwilling to brush it off as a remote threat — she likely saved lives. It’s a good lesson for us all and a reminder of that violent expressions of racism and sexism online can be harbingers of violence committed in the flesh. Unfortunately, how things went with Jarrell is the exception rather than the rule. [link]