Ibrahim Diallo racconta una storia assurda, che però rischia di diventare la norma. Altro che Kafka: Amazon, per esempio, sta testando un sistema automatizzato di middle-management: al posto di utilizzare dirigenti di basso livello per controllare le cose, si affida agli algoritmi. Cosa mai potrà andare male, no? Citofonare a Diallo e chiedere.

Over the next 3 weeks, I was CCed on the emails about my case. I watched it be escalated to bigger and more powerful titles over and over, yet no one could do anything about it. From time to time, they would attach a system email. It was soulless and written in red as it gave orders that dictated my fate. Disable this, disable that, revoke access here, revoke access there, escort out of premises, etc.

The system was out for blood and I was its very first victim. [link]