Le scuse di internet

Lungo, complicato, interessantissimo articolo in cui un gruppo di tecnologi (da Ellen Pao a Richard Stallman passando per un pionere della realtà virtuale a chi ha lavorato agli albori di Uber o Google) chiedono… be’, chiedono scusa per come sono andate le cose. Ci sono un sacco di cose qui dentro, e ti consiglio di leggerlo tutto.

To keep the internet free — while becoming richer, faster, than anyone in history — the technological elite needed something to attract billions of users to the ads they were selling. And that something, it turns out, was outrage. As Jaron Lanier, a pioneer in virtual reality, points out, anger is the emotion most effective at driving “engagement” — which also makes it, in a market for attention, the most profitable one. By creating a self-perpetuating loop of shock and recrimination, social media further polarized what had already seemed, during the Obama years, an impossibly and irredeemably polarized country.