Truth and Power in a New Age of Publishing

Un articolo interessantissimo di Malhar Mali, il fondatore di Areo.

The landscape has changed. If those in “power” or in institutions acted as a sieve in days gone by, controlling and filtering what could be published and said, today that sieve is surpassed by information which is akin to water. Meaning, information flows right through that sieve with minimal resistance.

New technologies and the accessibility of publishing platforms has meant that anyone can enter the information game. Anyone can publish news, analysis, and “truths.” Someone frustrated with the state of affairs can sit in a room for hours at a time and publish a “magazine.” (Like me!)

But they can do other things, too. They can continue to propagate our long history of group allegiance over truth. They can push a certain narrative, or create a story that will capture the imaginations of conspiracy theorists, or lie and falsify information with little repercussion.

I tre consigli finali sono applicabili in qualsiasi ambito.

Matteo Scandolin

È nato a Venezia nel 1982, vive a Milano. Scriveva racconti, poi s'è accorto che si divertiva di più ad aiutare gli altri a scriverli. Ogni tanto aggiorna il suo sito, Grandi speranze. Assieme a un altro paio di amici ha fondato inutile nel 2005. Su Twitter è matteoscandolin.