Change my view

Non sono molto pratico di Reddit, ma un posto dove vai, scrivi la tua opinione (forte su qualcosa) e lasci che la gente provi a farti cambiare idea, dialogando fra voi in maniera civile: questa roba qui è bellissima.

Turnbull didn’t want to attract the chippy you-talkin’-to-me? crowd that was already adequately represented on Reddit. He meant to populate his forum with people sincerely in quest of lively and honorable debate. At first Change My View did attract rancor and ad hominem brattery, but Turnbull was patient and true to his vision of civil discourse. He enlisted moderators from among the more fair-minded regulars, and for five years now they have policed not just name-calling, rudeness, and hostility but superfluous jokes and mindless agreement. (Turnbull deletes what he calls “low-effort” comments.)