It would be ‘dangerous to change’ Uber’s culture at this point, says Gene Munster

Speaking from a hypothetical Uber investor’s perspective, “I would like to see the people that actually did this be held accountable, but I wouldn’t like to see the culture change, as crazy as that sounds,” he said. (Munster is not an investor in the company.)
But Uber got where it did on the strength of its aggressive take-no-prisoners culture embodied by CEO Travis Kalanick, says Munster, and trying to change that could be “dangerous.”

This is ridiculous. It means that we can ignore fundamental human values as long as it gives us a profit. I don’t say that it had never happened before – ’cause, you know, it did actually happen, in a wide variety of occasion, even in our private lives – but we should be better than this, and we should build better places to work and profit accordingly.

Investors should demand more character, more strength from companies they invest in.

Matteo Scandolin

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