Facebook 2026

Casey Newton interviewed Mark Zuckerberg and got a view of Facebook’s next ten years. Even if you’re not into the social network ecosystem, there are some pretty interesting things. At least, Mark knows that you have to reinvent yourself and your company to stay alive and competitive:

This is an early milestone, but it’s a big one. It’s not something you necessarily expect Facebook to do, because we’re not an aerospace company. But I guess we’re becoming one.

There are fascinating remarks about artificial intelligence and bots, too:

There’s a lot of debate in society about, “Is AI going to do good or harm?” But I think pattern recognition will be extremely helpful in so many ways, from being able to tell a blind person what is in an image, to being able to read something to someone who is deaf or just can’t turn the volume on on their phone right now. Or, being able to diagnose diseases better, or better identifying drugs that might treat a disease, or drive cars more safely. This stuff is really going to save people’s lives.
It’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t magic, right? It’s math and statistics and pattern recognition and using a lot of data in different data sets. It’s not going to get away from us — it’s all stuff that will just improve people’s lives.

Matteo Scandolin

È nato a Venezia nel 1982, vive a Milano. Scriveva racconti, poi s'è accorto che si divertiva di più ad aiutare gli altri a scriverli. Ogni tanto aggiorna il suo sito, Grandi speranze. Assieme a un altro paio di amici ha fondato inutile nel 2005. Su Twitter è matteoscandolin.