Lonelygirl15: how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet

Didn’t know about this phenomenon, back then.

Bree was one of a slowly-growing community on YouTube of confessional video bloggers. They poured their lives into their webcams, not yet an automatic feature on laptops as they are today. Their follower bases grew slowly but steadily, with regular, and often grainy, videos about their day-to-day lives. They were largely ignored by the mainstream media, who at the time dismissed YouTube as just a repository for cat videos.

Lonelygirl15 changed all that. Her followers quickly ballooned and she became one of the young site’s most popular stars. The New York Times had a recurring blog about her. She had her own forum. Hundreds of people wanted to be her friend on Myspace.

The thing is, Bree wasn’t real. Lonelygirl15 actually had a small team of writers. Bree and her best friend Daniel were played by actors.

Matteo Scandolin

È nato a Venezia nel 1982, vive a Milano. Scriveva racconti, poi s'è accorto che si divertiva di più ad aiutare gli altri a scriverli. Ogni tanto aggiorna il suo sito, Grandi speranze. Assieme a un altro paio di amici ha fondato inutile nel 2005. Su Twitter è matteoscandolin.