ZCast lets you start a live podcast from your phone for everyone to hear

Nice fun app: it’s just like Periscope, but for podcasts.

Unlike Periscope, which lets a single Twitter account broadcast to any number of viewers, Zula wants ZCast to be a collaborative affair much in the same way listeners can call into live radio shows. In other words, ZCast isn’t “one to many” broadcasting, but “many to many,” says Zula marketing chief Hillel Fuld. He thinks audio rather than live video is a more accessible format for everyday Twitter users.

This is exciting: setting up a live streaming is surely easier today than some years ago, but it’s still a chore. Being able to interact with your listeners is surely something that we will dig into.

Fuld also feels like podcast production requires a cumbersome amount of time, effort, and expensive equipment, while creators are beholden to companies like Apple for distribution. The goal is to give anyone with a phone “the ability to podcast and interact in real time with your audience,” Fuld says.

On the other hand, this is ludicrous. Unless we’re talking about Eddie Van Halen, who allegedly can play egregiously even on a broken guitar, you need at least good microphones to build a great show, and you should throw at it some audio editing skills as well. Most YouTubers started with poor cameras and progressively gotten more professional at the gig.

Sure thing is, podcasting is getting huge.

Matteo Scandolin

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