This gross app makes periods all about men

Do I get irritable before my period? Probably, yes. Do you know what else makes me irritable? My bank statement. Writer’s block. An argument with a friend. Someone shoving their smelly armpit in my face on the tube. Being late for work. Being hungry. A shit cup of coffee. In other words? Things that also annoy men. Things that have absolutely no bearing on my gender whatsoever. These are all things I want to come home and complain about to my boyfriend. I want to feel like I’m being supported and listened to, no matter how small the complaint; I don’t want him inputting every external stressor into a wise-cracking app that makes it all about him.

Matteo Scandolin

È nato a Venezia nel 1982, vive a Milano. Scriveva racconti, poi s'è accorto che si divertiva di più ad aiutare gli altri a scriverli. Ogni tanto aggiorna il suo sito, Grandi speranze. Assieme a un altro paio di amici ha fondato inutile nel 2005. Su Twitter è matteoscandolin.