What to expect from us

by Matteo Scandolin

Hey there, how’s your 2016 begun? We’re getting ready for our official start date (January, the 11th), and we hope we can deliver everything we’re planning to, in the course of this calendar year.

As you can see, every day – or so we’ll post links to interesting stuff we found on the internet, hoping to break some new ground and knowing beforehand that sometimes we’ll link you to some already-known pieces: it’s the game. But every once in a while, we’ll try to contribute with some original thoughts.

Until January, 11th, we’ll continue to populate this site. We hope that you’ll enjoy what we’re finding. And please, let us know how to improve: as Microsoft’ CEO Satya Nadella said, we aim to be «the learn-it-alls, not the know-it-alls».

Matteo Scandolin

È nato a Venezia nel 1982, vive a Milano. Scriveva racconti, poi s'è accorto che si divertiva di più ad aiutare gli altri a scriverli. Ogni tanto aggiorna il suo sito, Grandi speranze. Assieme a un altro paio di amici ha fondato inutile nel 2005. Su Twitter è matteoscandolin.