AdNauseam banned from the Google Web Store

AdNauseam is an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera focused on privacy and security: it «protects users against online advertising surveillance».

Earlier this week, on Jan 1st 2017, we were informed by our users that Google had banned AdNauseam from its Chrome Web Store. We’ve since learned that Google now also disallows users from manually installing and updating AdNauseam, thus locking users out of their own saved data, all with no prior notice or warning.

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The real reason my startup was successful: privilege

I attribute a majority of my success to the generational privilege that comes from being a middle-class White American male. And from my perspective, the rest had more to do with the talented people I worked alongside than with me. While I may have some natural ability and put in my share of sweat and tears, the best pilot in the world can not fly to the moon unless someone provides them with a rocket ship. Seen in this light, my privilege is the vehicle most responsible for my success. I may have flown it a little further than most, but I would be nowhere without it.

There are true “self made” successes in America. Immigrants that arrive with nothing and rise to the top. Black men and women who overcome generational inequity sown from centuries of slavery, Jim Crow, housing and loan discrimination and cultural bias. For them there is little chance of inheriting a network of success and power or having a rich Nana to fund their dreams. They have to build their own rocket ships and fly them — a task so difficult it’s no wonder most entrepreneurs come from wealthy families.

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Venture capital is going to murder Medium

David Heinemeier Hansson on the latest Medium announcement.

It’s just that in Silicon Valley, you can’t merely make a better typewriter and sell that at a profit. No, you have to DISRUPT. You have to REINVENT. Well, at least you need the appearance of that, while you squeeze eyeballs until they pop out enough advertising dollars to give the VCs that 10x return.

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Renewing Medium’s focus

Short version: they’re laying off a third of their workforce (mostly in support and sales); they’re working on some new way to be profitable, and get people who use Medium to publish interesting stuff profitable as well (or at least, get paid). It’s interesting, and I do hope that Medium won’t fade away like a lot of similar services that came before.

So, we are shifting our resources and attention to defining a new model for writers and creators to be rewarded, based on the value they’re creating for people. And toward building a transformational product for curious humans who want to get smarter about the world every day.

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After My Dad Died, He Left Behind Thousands of Hours of Civilization Save Files

What do you do with the Post-it notes on his desk, reminding him to call so-and-so or pay the gas bill? What do you do with his glasses, which I found right where he left them, on his desk, just before he went to bed that last night? Then, later, once everyone has gone home and you’ve handled all the big problems, as you’re left alone to bask in the awful realization that he’s really gone, you have to deal with all the little things. What do we do with his books? Where should we send the remainder of his subscription to The Economist?

What do you do with all the video game save files on his computer?

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How Do Independent Magazines Make Money?

A number of independent fashion magazines are leading a so-called ‘print renaissance’ in an increasingly digital world. How are they making it work?

It’s telling (and to me, no surprise) that the most profitable independent magazines are in the fashion industry. Question is: is there a way to make indie magazines in other industry profitable as well?

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