Disney Dropped Twitter Pursuit Partly Over Image

It never gets old: get your shit together, Twitter. Just be the perfect platform to foster communication and find the best piece of writing on the web, stop trying to beat Facebook to its own game, and please seriously address trolls and harassment issues.

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Project Include breaks off relationships with Y Combinator

And that’s because Peter Thiel funded Trump’s campaign of hate, harassment, fear.

At Project Include, our mission is to give everyone a fair chance to succeed in the workplace. “Everyone” means all groups to us, but we draw a line at individuals who fund violence and hate. We believe differences should be bridged with tolerance and empathy, not amplified by rage and fear. Diversity and inclusion are the source of open discussions and better decisions.

Kudos to them. It takes a good amount of courage to stand up for your beliefs, and we totally support them. Y Combinator President, Sam Altman, is defending his business partner. It’s not easy, when there’s some personal relationship on the line. But we think that on such high level profiles have to be held accountable before the community, and Thiel’s not an employee, but a business partner.

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How Kickstarter became one of the biggest powers in publishing

But if you put the 1,973 publishing pitches that were successfully funded in 2015 together with the 994 successful comic and graphic novel projects, then last year’s tally of 2,967 literary projects puts the crowdfunding site up among publishing’s “Big Four”: Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Hachette and Simon and Schuster.

If anything, Kickstarter is the paradigm of a disruptive approach to business. We totally love it.

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Nick Heer wrote a thoughtful piece about AMP, The Verge, bloated webpages and much more. It all comes down to one simple word: control. (To be fair, it’s not so simple when you’re running a business like The Verge. But I am totally with Nick here.)

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