Il disgraziato co-inventore di Tetris

Una storia pazzesca!, di cui non sapevo niente.

Pokhilko was a Russian academic and a clinical psychologist whose work included using puzzles as psychological tests. He was a close friend of Pajitnov’s, and when he was shown the concept of Tetris, he convinced Pajitnov that it would make a perfect video game. Pokhilko helped shape the final product, and post-launch used the puzzler to conduct clinical psychological experiments.

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Fitness app Strava overhauls map that revealed military positions

Fitness-tracking app Strava said starting on Tuesday it will restrict access to an online map that shows where people run, cycle and swim and remove some data after researchers found it inadvertently revealed military posts and other sensitive sites.

Il senso ultimo di No Rocket Science è mettere insieme casi come questo, o le innovazioni nel campo delle comunicazioni di massa, o le auto che si guidano da sole: metterle in fila e poi cercare di capire cosa succede.

Le funzioni di un fitness tracker sono utili, e su questo ci son pochi dubbi: e questa storia è interessantissima.

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The Light Phone 2 adds messaging and more to the ultra-minimalist cellphone

Ricordavo fosse uscito qualcosa di simile al Light Phone, anche se l’avevo perso un poco di vista. Adesso il produttore, Light, sta procedendo a una campagna su IndieGoGo per finanziare la nuova versione, che aggiunge la possibilità di ricevere e spedire sms, per esempio, e uno schermo a inchiostro elettronico.

Anche se per il momento è – alla fine della fiera – soltanto un concept, è sicuramente molto interessante.

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Ethics in artificial intelligence

Per chi lo vuole, un bellissimo articolo sull’etica delle intelligenze artificiali.

(…) ethics and AI are related at several levels:

  • Ethics by Design: the technical/algorithmic integration of ethical reasoning capabilities as part of the behaviour of artificial autonomous system;
  • Ethics in Design: the regulatory and engineering methods that support the analysis and evaluation of the ethical implications of AI systems as these integrate or replace traditional social structures;
  • Ethics for Design: the codes of conduct, standards and certification processes that ensure the integrity of developers and users as they research, design, construct, employ and manage artificial intelligent systems.
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l’archivio digitale di Heavy Metal

Ho conosciuto Heavy Metal attraverso il film animato, assurdo, allucinato, pieno di idee. La rivista è dove queste idee sono nate. ha un archivio vasto, ancorché incompleto, della rivista.

Debuting in 1977, the year of the first Star Wars film, Heavy Metal was not named after the brand of guitar rock pioneered by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, though there’s an obvious influence, but after a French magazine that started two years earlier called Métal hurlant, or literally “Howling Metal.” (We’ve featured it here on OC before.) When publisher Leonard Mogel decided to adapt the original for an American readership, he changed the name, but kept the content, republishing work by Jean Giraud—the artist better known as Moebius—and many other accomplished European illustrators.

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Truth and Power in a New Age of Publishing

Un articolo interessantissimo di Malhar Mali, il fondatore di Areo.

The landscape has changed. If those in “power” or in institutions acted as a sieve in days gone by, controlling and filtering what could be published and said, today that sieve is surpassed by information which is akin to water. Meaning, information flows right through that sieve with minimal resistance.

New technologies and the accessibility of publishing platforms has meant that anyone can enter the information game. Anyone can publish news, analysis, and “truths.” Someone frustrated with the state of affairs can sit in a room for hours at a time and publish a “magazine.” (Like me!)

But they can do other things, too. They can continue to propagate our long history of group allegiance over truth. They can push a certain narrative, or create a story that will capture the imaginations of conspiracy theorists, or lie and falsify information with little repercussion.

I tre consigli finali sono applicabili in qualsiasi ambito.

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The Rise and Demise of Halcyon

by Carmine Bussone

La breve storia dell’Halcyon, una console avveniristica e molto costosa con a bordo un’intelligenza artificiale a sintesi e attivazione vocale. Il tutto nel 1985.

Dietro il progetto di questa console c’erano Rick Dyer e Don Bluth. Gli stessi di Dragon’s Lair.

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GitHub ha subito il peggior attacco DDoS della storia

Non della sua storia: di tutta la storia di internet.

On Wednesday, at about 12:15 pm ET, 1.35 terabits per second of traffic hit the developer platform GitHub all at once. It was the most powerful distributed denial of service attack recorded to date—and it used an increasingly popular DDoS method, no botnet required.

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Based on a True True Story?

Quanto sono aderenti alla realtà i film?

Una serie di grafici ordina le timeline di alcuni film in base al grado di veridicità delle loro scene e a quanto vorrete essere pedanti.

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